50 Followers!-Thank you!

Hello friends! Today I hit 50 follows!Thanks to God for giving me this little community to share his message!I would like to thank everyone of you who has supported my blogging journey!I'm also ecstatic as I would love to continue spreading God's word and faith through blogging!Thank you for your valuable feedback and comments,as they… Continue reading 50 Followers!-Thank you!


10 Uncommon Facts From The Bible

Hello friends! Today's post is a bit new, cause I thought I'd like to share some few uncommon facts from the Bible.Here it goes... 1.Jesus was not an only child. He had at least 4 brothers mentioned by name and at least 2 unnamed sisters. Isn't he the carpenter's son? Isn't Mary his mother, and… Continue reading 10 Uncommon Facts From The Bible

Nature, Poems

Nature’s Delight

Flurries of white fleece Sky adorned in blue hues Emanating radiance of sun Serene calm of the moon Fresh gusty winds approach Green pastures delight Droplets fall from the sky Joy of a newly bloomed flower Great hope takes encover Peace surrounds nature! Janet✨


5 Truths From Ecclesiastes

Hello friends!I've been recently reading the book of Ecclesiastes from the Bible. It stresses on its apparent theme that everything in life is like a smoke.i.e.something that leaves a deep imprint but is never constant and vanishes in due time. These are few truths that I'd found and I'm also sharing some quoted pictures 🙂… Continue reading 5 Truths From Ecclesiastes


How I Fight My Battles

Everything seemed gloomy Laying still amidst misery Suddenly storms surround me But his kindness engulfs me Abiding in his presence God teaches me his lessons He arms me with his love There's nothing to fear about Shielded by his faith In God's peace I wait Words of eternal life Are my arrows in disguise Dwelling… Continue reading How I Fight My Battles


Things I Realized In Lockdown

My Quarantine art 🙂 Hello Friends😃! Now that most of us have been quarantined for a long time,I thought I would share in some of my own things I realized during the lockdown. 1.Being Grateful During these chaotic times,we still have all our essentials readily available.We got a roof above our heads,healthy food,good water and… Continue reading Things I Realized In Lockdown


A Prayer For Coronavirus

God our Father,we thank you for your endless mercies and grace you have showered upon us. As each day progresses,we are bound to realize your abundant love and care. Lord,we are living in times of a pandemic. Help your children who are burdened with illness and fear,and let them find rest in you. Come to… Continue reading A Prayer For Coronavirus


Certain God Even Amidst Uncertainties

In today's world, unimaginable uncertainties are garnering fast attention and influencing people rapidly.Now, who could have probably even imagined that a minute speck of a microorganism would cause such life changes to the population of this world?I would have never thought of such drastic changes our community would have to face now.It certainly is indeed… Continue reading Certain God Even Amidst Uncertainties


Perfect In Christ

The word "Perfect" indicates not making any mistakes.Many a times it's natural to be caught in the pursuit of perfection.When we ascertain that such perfection is unreachable,our best efforts can leave us anxious, discouraged, or exhausted.We may even fret over our mistakes.Eventually, we realize that the harder we try, the further we may feel from… Continue reading Perfect In Christ


The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the opening of one's heart and soul to God and expressing our great faith and endowment to him.It nourishes the soul when we are in communion with the Almighty and brings peace.When we pray, we experience the fullness of God's love and come to understand his will in our lives. The foremost prerequisite… Continue reading The Power of Prayer