Hello friends!Hope everyone is fine and well.Today I've got something big to tell! Introducing,my new blog!! . . . Yes! This is my new blog I've started separately for posting more of my poems, general thoughts and also maybe some stories.I will, of course,be writing for the glory of God here.Hence that's why the start … Continue reading Announcement!

Our Jesus,our Comforter

Have you ever felt like a raging sea within you, unbeholdst of the rapid torments of your emotions? Have you ever found yourself in uncertain situations?Have you felt like you were caught up between the worlds of the spiritual and the worldly?Have you ever thought that you were lost into the abyss of your incessant … Continue reading Our Jesus,our Comforter

The Great God

Jesus is my saviour He is my mighty God He is my great refuge He is my glorious Lord! Jesus is my salvation He is my matchless redeemer He is my unparalleled protection He is saviour to all! Jesus is always my love He gives me tranquil peace He is my rock and my strength … Continue reading The Great God

Being the salt of the world

“You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet. Matthew 5:13 Salt is a main ingredient that enhances and makes our food more palatable.But in the realistic sense,what … Continue reading Being the salt of the world


Hello everyone! Today I'm glad to share that Planted With Faith has crossed 100 followers! Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement!Thanks to God for this blessing of a great community! It has been a really nice journey blogging!Your valuable comments and feedback greatly inspires me to write more for the glory of God!Looking … Continue reading 100 Followers!

The Liebster Award

Hello friends! Hope everyone is well!Thanks to Hemalatha from Frame of Soul for the award nomination! She has a nice blog on short stories! Do check out her blog! Rules: 1. Thank the person that nominated you and put a link to their blog.2. Answer the questions given to you. 3. Nominate 2-6 bloggers and notify … Continue reading The Liebster Award

Having Faith In God

Faith,a word,is one that is best understood with self-realization and experience.It is something that seems abstract at times but actually great in power when seeked .With faith,comes blessing and hope.For me,it fuels my daily decisions to make the right choices. Faith was something I found hard to understand during my earlier days.Now after much encounters … Continue reading Having Faith In God

The Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Hello friends! I'm happy to share that I've been nominated for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award by Gail from gaillovesgod. She has a nice blog on poetry and faith in Christ. Thank you Gail for the nomination!This is my first award! Rules Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to his/her … Continue reading The Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Helping others without expectations

"Helping others without expecting anything in return" How often does this statement stay true to us? I'll admit,most of us seek atleast a simple "thank you" after helping others because we feel that we are needed, valuable and are of importance.Yes,it is a basic form of courtesy but we can go the extra mile and … Continue reading Helping others without expectations

50 Followers!-Thank you!

Hello friends! Today I hit 50 follows!Thanks to God for giving me this little community to share his message!I would like to thank everyone of you who has supported my blogging journey!I'm also ecstatic as I would love to continue spreading God's word and faith through blogging!Thank you for your valuable feedback and comments,as they … Continue reading 50 Followers!-Thank you!